The Feeding Growth Coffee Series.

Keep your product on the shelf with Ishkandar Ahmed.

June 1st 2017  11am - 1230

Location: Earnest Ice Cream - 1829 Quebec Street

Cost: FREE for Alumni - $12 for newcomers



So you made it - your beloved product is now on the shelf, available to all. But now what? It's one thing to know how to get your product to market, but it is a completely different thing to stay on top of your game and stay on the shelves.


Join the Feeding Growth community for an informal coffee chat with Ishkandar Ahmed, CEO of Choices Market. Ishkandar is a strong supporter of local organizations that work toward building healthy, sustainable communities, whether through food, education, health or environmental initiatives. At the helm of Choices Market since 2013, he knows what it takes - the planning, the marketing, the energy - to establish a star product. Don't pass on this opportunity to hear Ishkandar's secret recipe on how to stay on the shelves!t

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